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Oct. 15th, 2010


She is selfish; she is kind. ( no one can say she is mine )


 As of now, I've basically typed up most of "Looking at the Same Sky"! It's half translated, and half cleaned and scanslated. Perhaps I can do the rest this weekend, eh? 

 Probably not,  knowing me. I'll get side-tracked instantly. Not that it's exactly side-tracked, when it comes to me and all my projects... they're all on paths, and I'm just meandering happily in the forest. =w= (A dumb metaphor? Ah, well. What can I say?)

 I've also typed up another (somewhat secret, haha) project called "Stars of Fate III". I'm really looking forward to translating it and scanslating it, but haven't found quite the right moment/mood. Ah, I also finished typing upppp "Fragments of Memories" a few weeks ago, minus the extensive artist talks. Which I want to tackle, and I hope I can make some sense of them. :3

 Doing "Looking at the Same Sky" tonight, I was basically able to read off an address in Japanese! I felt so bloody proud! I think this is the first time that's ever happened! I don't know if I got the readings correct, but I was able to type it out right, so I don't think they were too far off.

things I want to do: 
- scan, compile and upload the doodles in my anthropology notebook, for starters
- continue scanslating, translating, cleaning and working on Suikogaiden and the Suikoden 1 Soul Eater novels <3
- Paint the Noein piece and Erika, annnndo get to work on the halloween Suikoden piece (plus numerous art trades and my one comission, which I think is still on)
- don't forget about my homework, lol
- start setting up my new bookshelf <3 <3 <3
- keep reading
- keep practicing 日本語日本語日本語♥
- watch 日本人の知らない日本語 and practice my dictation skillz  (Broooooo!! 兄貴!!*ハッマーの顔* 笑)

- Read Doro he Doro, more Seven Seeds, more R.B. Rose, and finish FMA (!)
- Find time to play more Dragon Quest 9 and many other things <3 (THE BOUNCER)

-  E N J O Y  L I F E

I hope you're all doing well!
 As for dead links, I'm currently slowly going through and editing and re-uploading all my old projects on the main Ramsus-kun website, so that's the best place to look. I'm a slow-ass snail though, so please be patient! <3 (Though a little friendly nudging never hurt, either, lol.)

Jun. 4th, 2010


24 and blooming, like the fields of May


 Today is a fine day! A fine day for homework and perhaps... translating too! >:D 

 ........Hmm!! There're so many projects I could be working on! Which to choose? 
FF9 - Never Falling
 just needs to be cropped a bit, and have the translation added. Nearly done, in terms of things.

GITS - Number 09 & LOTR - Mellon
 Both of these are well scanned and wouldn't take but a minute (or two hours, haha) to get nice and properly cropped and such, on their way to stardom.

1,000 other doujinshi, Suikoden and Xenogears, Sui5 Anthology and 4koma manga in particular... whoo! What to do?!

 Making good progress! Want to keep go go go go goiing!!!

Alright! Suikogaiden it is!! Let's see how much more of this project I can translate! YAHOOOOO!
(<--I'm not that Swiss fellow from Thunderbird, lol)

May. 3rd, 2010


a brief respite (perhaps?)


This Suikogaiden Translation Project sure is a lot of work...!!
The work I don't mind, exactly, it's just... organizing things takes so much time! No wonder I haven't gotten any translating done in 5 months. Whenever I find time to translate, I spend that time replying to people's suggestions and stuff instead. HMMM. Well, at least this isn't a project with a deadline! <3

Mar. 12th, 2010


"There are no auspicious days here." (--Vorkosigan)

Haha!! Man, life is great!! I'm so goddamn lucky, I can hardly believe it! <3 <3 <3

I'm reading Shards of Honor by Bujold! I love her!! It's so cool to have familiar faces show up--Illyan, Koudelka, Bothari (<3) and off course Cordelia Naismith and Aral Vorkosigan! XD It's so weird to have Illyan be young! Young, of all things... doesn't match my image of him! But that's what I get for reading the books somewhat outta order, haha.

Man, I'm so happy!! 
I've got an essay to write, and lots of translation projects to work on! Suikogaiden, BOF3 Forest of Bones, FFT Water Game, the Suikoden 1 novels, Bolt and Lantern... and about a thousand other things! 

I visited two old teachers of mine today. It was so great to see them!! I love these guys! I'm so glad I've got so many kind people around me... (sounds cheesy as all hell, but it's the damn truth and nothing but the truth! *boxer stance*)

Oho! I got a release to share with you guys, too! A tiny-ass one, but it's something!

cover Series: Suikoden 5
Title: Suikoden 5 4Koma Manga {volume 1}
Artists: Kaori Fujita, You Satsuki, Murasakida Suzuka*, Kaori Akatsuki, Kuroi M, Hifumi Kurosawa*, Tsubamemaru Watarizora, Miho Shimazu*, Sakuraguni, Tomomi Mizuna*, Kikuchiyo Anko*, Kuretakaya Kiriga*, Bro Nishizawa*, Ayumi Takawatari, Shin Takanami, and Michi Kiri.
Type: 4Koma manga by some of the artists who worked on the Anthology manga. 4Koma are short, four panel gags--and the Suikoden 5 4Koma series is entirely devoted to 'em. :D
Date Published: 12/13/06
Pages: 106
Scanned by: Shu Xion
Status: fullly scanned! Translation ongoing.

[Chapter 4
Size: 1.57 MB
Download: Megaupload, Rapidshare, Media Fire

Hoho! OKAY! I'm gonna see if I can get that essay started, while also cleaning up Water Game / Forest of Bone's scans & translations... I hope I can finish up even more projects in the days to come!! 

Heehee!! I'm so haaappy~! *boogies off*

[Edit: odd, not sure why the text isn't around the image correctly... sorry about that~...]
ALSO! I can't remember exactly who I gave the raws of future chapters of the 4koma  to to clean... I tried to pass them off to people more than once, haha... so if anybody's got them cleaned, could you drop me a line? :D 

Mar. 6th, 2010



No, nothing as fancy as that new movie or whatever... just re-watching some of the old Mystery Theater episodes. I love Jeremy Bretts' Sherlock!! 

"Look, a pheasant!"

Watson's great, too. Both actors who play him. Gyaah, I've been looking forward to this for a long while! <3
Still re-scanning the FF7 doujinshi "SOLDIER" and the Xenogears doujinshi "The Birth", heheh! 


  Last night after I came home from hanging out with some good friends of mine (I BLEEDIN' LOVE THESE BLOKES) I started going through my translation notebooks, looking for one that wasn't full--I was sure there was a fresh one in there somewhere... and while I was doing this, I discovered some of my journals mixed in with the translation notebooks. Out of curiosity, I opened one up, flipped through it and started reading it. 
Read on...Collapse )

Jan. 13th, 2010


"However, in my culture my cousin's cousin is my cousin too."


Are these guys serious? How can anyone vote for Final Fantasy 10 over Chrono Cross?! Chrono Cross rocked. Great music, interesting characters, good plot, nice graphics (well, I suppose that could be argued, but I like them).  And what did FF10 have? Disappointment. Tidus and Yuna's dubs were godawful. They may even be the source of my discontent for the whole thing. Story was... meh.

Come on guys.
Grow some eyeballs!

Dec. 26th, 2009


HEY AN UPDATE (it's all Suikoden)

 Woho! Life is going well! I recently got my, uh, something-like-100 Suikoden doujinshi in the mail. *A*;; I haven't read them all yet, and I havent even opened one box ! How friggen' crazy is that?! I got a couple of Xenogears doujinshi too, a Pokemon one, and a handful of Final Fantasy doujinshi. <3 Augh! I'm in doujinshi heaven! I'll post some kind of list some day. Hell, I'm going to need a list just to keep track of what doujinshi I do and don't have! XD Oh, the life of an otaku...

Speaking of which, I also got the Suikoden 1 Soul Eater novels and I've started translating them! The going's slow as hell--try two sentences an hour, lol, but its fun and I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I was looking forward to finding out how exactly it's written, how it differs from the game's plot and so on, but the first chapter--chapter "0"--is this prologue thing with Luc and Leknaat so I've yet to actually run into Ted or Bocchan or any of those fabulous fellows. 

The Suikogaiden Translation Project is also coming along excellently!! Excellently? Is that even a word? Durh... Good thing I'm not working on translating it right now. XD I completed chapter 1's translation awhile ago and recently made some progress with chapter 2. <3 Ah, I should e-mail the guys--find out how Niahak and Sage are doing with chapter 3 and 4. Probably not much, considering it's Christmas (oh yeah) but, well, it's good to check up on these things. :p 

AND I started translating the Suikoden 1 manga that recently came out(?!). Got like 10 pages done. Whoo. Probably won't see a release for about a hundred years, since there aren't any chapters, it's just one big volume. But. Whatever, man. 'S the thought that counts!

DEAR GOD WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THE SUIKODEN! I'm playing Suikoden Tierkries too! I swear one day I'm gonna burn out so bad on this series. XD That'll be a sad day for the online Suikoden doujinshi community, hurr. *self-important smile* Hey! Somebody pop that ego! 

I should really, I don't know, play some Harvest Moon or finish translating Bolt and Lantern or something. All this Suikoden can't be good for me! 

Oct. 2nd, 2009


"You don't like my theory", said Holmes, "because it's my theory."

:3 I'm really looking forward to trying to translate the Suikoden 1 Soul Eater novels by Shinjirou Hori. 

At some point, I'd like to turn it into a full-fledged scanslation project (if such a term is applicable), if things are going well and so on. (I've got an idle dream of posting the translation looking like an actual book. It'd probably have to be done through PDF's, which might be a pain. Who knows?) In terms of computer time Suikogaiden takes priority. Even I'm not going to start two massive translation projects at once. While swamped in school work. Probably. XD But it's really just a personal project of mine, something I really want to try out on my own and see how well I can do. Hm, so exciting to think about it! Translating McDohl's story from a different (and one would assume more detailed) perspective... Ted, Gremio, Teo, Cleo, Pahn, Odessa, Mathiu, Windy and Barbarossa... the whole lot of them! I only wish I could've began the project right after I played through Suikoden 1 again recently, when all the details and questions and things were fresh in my memory. Ah, well, I'll just make do. :3

I've been reading this book called "Becoming a Translator" by one Douglas Robinson. It's really interesting and it's a lot of fun to read about translating as a profession and how clients view translations and the process of translating versus how translators themselves view it. It's weird 'cause I can view it from both perspectives, since I read a lot of translated material (manga and videogames, to say the least) and as an amateur practicing translator. This book keeps reinforcing my desire to become a professional translator! x3000! (Not that it really needed reinforcing...)

I'm reading the next Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell book, too! An exciting treat on the way home. I'd like to draw a fanart of Russell, Holmes, Mohammed and Ali! I researched clothes a bit today, so maybe I can pull it off. Dunno if I can get Holmes right, but he's all disguised anyway. 

Well, I'll keep ganbatte-ing on!

Sep. 23rd, 2009


Oh my gobborinoooooooooooooooooo!

 WOOHOO! I JUST WON A LOT OF 43 SUIKODEN DOUJINSHI ON YAHOO JAPAN AUCTIONS!!! For only 1,800 Yen! That's like $18! Even with the deputy service fees, that's only like 26$! The double S/H is probably gonna be hell, but! I don't care! What a bloody good deal! They're mostly Suikoden 5 doujinshi, which is perfect for me. There're some of the "000 (as in 053 or 016) Leader Fan books" mixed in there, which seem to combine series pretty easily. The Suikoden 5 ones look best to me! <3 

There are a shocking number of Kyle x Ouji doujinshi in the lot, too. I don't mind that pairing, but I like Georg x Ouji 9999% more. XD So I'm gonna hunt down all the Geouji doujinshi I can over the next couple of months to make up for the lack! (Though I guess it's not exactly lacking... there are a number of super shojo Geouji doujin by Kira Ukon. Her name always makes me think of one of the bad guys from (The Legend of) Basara.)

OH! And I bought the three Suikoden 1 Soul Eater novels, too! <3 <3 <3 I'm so excited about trying to read those! :D If I can, I'd like to do a full-fledged translation project with them someday. Suikogaiden comes first though! Both 1 & 2. 

There are some other doujinshi I've got my eye on, mostly Suikoden 1, 3 & 5. But I should wait for the invoice for this current huge lot before I go on anymore crazy doujinshi buying sprees, heheh. I'd like to buy some Final Fantasy doujinshi (this one FF6 one in particular has a super nice cover.... dunno about the inside though. FF4, 5, 6, 7, 8  & 12~! +FFT) but the only ones that've caught my eye are too expensive. D: But! I've gotten tons of great deals on ever greater doujin already, so I'm not complaining. I bought a Xenogears and Pokemon doujinshi too! 

And I also won the Suikoden 5 artbook! Now I'll have drawing references galore! 
Anyway! I gotta get off to school/work! Tune in next week for More Doujinshi Ramblings! :D  

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