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HEY AN UPDATE (it's all Suikoden)

 Woho! Life is going well! I recently got my, uh, something-like-100 Suikoden doujinshi in the mail. *A*;; I haven't read them all yet, and I havent even opened one box ! How friggen' crazy is that?! I got a couple of Xenogears doujinshi too, a Pokemon one, and a handful of Final Fantasy doujinshi. <3 Augh! I'm in doujinshi heaven! I'll post some kind of list some day. Hell, I'm going to need a list just to keep track of what doujinshi I do and don't have! XD Oh, the life of an otaku...

Speaking of which, I also got the Suikoden 1 Soul Eater novels and I've started translating them! The going's slow as hell--try two sentences an hour, lol, but its fun and I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I was looking forward to finding out how exactly it's written, how it differs from the game's plot and so on, but the first chapter--chapter "0"--is this prologue thing with Luc and Leknaat so I've yet to actually run into Ted or Bocchan or any of those fabulous fellows. 

The Suikogaiden Translation Project is also coming along excellently!! Excellently? Is that even a word? Durh... Good thing I'm not working on translating it right now. XD I completed chapter 1's translation awhile ago and recently made some progress with chapter 2. <3 Ah, I should e-mail the guys--find out how Niahak and Sage are doing with chapter 3 and 4. Probably not much, considering it's Christmas (oh yeah) but, well, it's good to check up on these things. :p 

AND I started translating the Suikoden 1 manga that recently came out(?!). Got like 10 pages done. Whoo. Probably won't see a release for about a hundred years, since there aren't any chapters, it's just one big volume. But. Whatever, man. 'S the thought that counts!

DEAR GOD WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THE SUIKODEN! I'm playing Suikoden Tierkries too! I swear one day I'm gonna burn out so bad on this series. XD That'll be a sad day for the online Suikoden doujinshi community, hurr. *self-important smile* Hey! Somebody pop that ego! 

I should really, I don't know, play some Harvest Moon or finish translating Bolt and Lantern or something. All this Suikoden can't be good for me! 


That sound great. Your collection must be huge by now. ^_^ I was wondering, where do you always find those Suikoden dojinshi? The only store I found so far is Komikcity and I already got everything that sounded interesting from there. Most of them were sold out anyway.;_; And I would totally love to get some Xenogears dojinshi.
Merry Christmas ^_^
I bought this recent huge-ass batch of doujinshi on Yahoo Japan Auctions (http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/), which is like a Japanese version of Ebay. Since most sellers don't ship internationally, I have to go through a deputy service, which adds unfortunate fees but is unavoidable as far as I can tell. I've been using Shopping Mall Japan (http://www.shoppingmalljapan.com/) as my deputy service.

JPQueen used to be a good place to buy (Suikoden) doujinshi as well, but they've closed down. >x<

And, yeah, my collection's gotten bigger than I ever thought it would be. It's a little scary. I don't know what to do with them all! XD

I only got a couple Xenogears doujinshi, but they ROCKED! The reason I got so many Suikoden is 'cause I bought two lots of 40-ish. They're almost all Suikoden 5, though I bought some Suikoden 1 doujin on the side, too.

I wish sellers would put up huge lots of Xenogears or Final Fantasy doujinshi, too! XD Dragon Quest 8'd float my boat as well...

ahem, enough rambling! Sorry!
Merry Christmas to you too!
Thanks, I'll check that site out. I'd love to get some Suikoden V dojinshi. I really loved Suikoden V and its characters, the whole game just gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.^_^
I really like Suikoden 5 a lot, too. I think it was very well done. And doujinshi artists often do such interesting things with the characters!

I wish you the best of luck in your search. XD
What are you saying, Rin? Suikoden is always good.
Dynassssssssssssttttttt!!! *A*
I haven't forgotten about you! Or the (various) Suikoden 5 manga! I've just been so. busy. It's insane. But we'll get volume 2 of the anthology manga out someday!!

lol, my friends berate me a bit for being into Suikoden so much. "Translate something else!" they cry. So it's nice to meet a fellow lunatic! High five!
High five!

And haha, it's not difficult to see why you're swamped at the moment- you have so many projects on your plate. Plus wow, all that doujin to go through. ♥
Ahem! Sorry, I react that way every time I see that avatar of yours... speaking of Bolt and Lantern, a friend of mine recently drew a Bolt and Lantern fanart as a gift. *A* So cool! It's so cool, I'll share it with you! XD (http://gelato.deviantart.com/art/Bolt-and-Lantern-148100391)

I know, right? I could read a doujinshi a day for, like, a third of a year. How crazy is that?!

I actually have had about -12 time to use the computer this quarter, too... it's been pretty hectic, non-stop. Sort of satisfying in and of itself, but does nothing for translation projects, haha.

I'm glad to see you're still around and kicking, though!
I still love that icon. And...never got back to you about that other icon you wanted me to make, that's right...


I want to see a catalogue of all that doujins some day. *o*

lol! I had forgotten about that icon too, actually... no biggie! =w=

I hope to make a "Lookit all the doujinshi I own!! WHEEEE" page someday. For bragging purposes as well as just to keep track of them all, haha. So! You may very well see them all someday! Wish I could scanslate them all--but even I know that's not too likely. Even if I devoted the rest of my life to it. Which'd be a rather sad way to spend my whole life. XD
Suikoden can never be not good for you. Although I'm enjoying Bolt and Lantern as well, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of your Suikoden translations :D
Oh! I'm really glad to hear you're reading Bolt and Lantern. It makes my day to hear anyone's reading that adorable thing. XD

Thank you! Your support means a lot. Hopefully we will see the result of these projects, some day. In a galaxy far far away...
Oh, I love it! I'm happy that you're translating it!!

Good luck with all your projects. :)
Thank you! Thank you! *bows*
If you don't mind me asking, what do you like most about Bolt and Lantern? Like, who's your favorite character and all that?
Well, in most stories, I'm usually partial to the bitter/serious characters that experience emotional growth as the story progresses- so I think my favorite is Nidell. I really like how he approached nobility with resentment at first, even thinking of using Coco's influence to establish his own rank- but then realizing that Coco is special in herself, and although she was raised in a more privileged setting, she's a good person.

I also love Coco very very much as a character, and I love the style that the artist draws her in! She's adorable, and although she has her small bursts of being an "annoying" kid, she's very pure-hearted... like, she could have fired the maid (I don't remember her name right now... ) but instead, she promoted her. This was, in itself, a very noble action to take. I also really love the relationship between Nidel and Coco. Especially how Coco becomes a genius in her studies around him. :]
Uwaaah! Thank you!! Two whole paragraphs!! XD I really love Nidell and Coco, myself--especially, as you say, in the art style Asuka Katsura draws them in. =w= Sometimes it's a little strange, but in general, soooo lovely! <3 <3 <3

You might be interested to know that Asuka Katsura has actually published a number of doujinshi--for series like Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Harry Potter and Suikoden 3. (The first and later two I'm quite interested in myself, lol.) But, I vaguely remember mentioning this in my notes at some point, so maybe it's hardly news.

Ah, yeah, the maid's name is "Nora". =w= On basis of character, I find Arther the most annoying, but his lines are so terse and pompous that they're really a lot of fun to translate, so I've gotta admit that I've come to like him as well, lol.

Nidell certainly is the bitter, serious type. XD

Ohh! I want to get the last two chapters done and out there!! So much to do!
sometimes the style is a little strange, but I think that quirkiness adds to the charm. I really like it because it's so new and interesting-looking. Especially the way the eyes are drawn many times.

I didn't know about the doujinshi~ That's very cool, especially the first and last (not so much second to last for me, :] )

I thought Nora was the most annoying, although Arther would be the person I would hate the most if I knew him in real life. I don't like clingy "I'm staying here whether you like it or not" characters. And I know that Nora serves her purpose, and is a good person overall, but I'm just annoyed with her...

There are only two more chapters? Wow, it seems like it should be a longer story. I mean, I know it's a one-shot, but it still seems like there is alot of potential for it to go on. On the other hand, I prefer shorter stories to longer ones... and it's also good for you because you don't have to keep translating a story that goes on forever :]
Haha! If it takes me this long just to get a 6 chapter one shot translated, I don't know how long a mult-volume series would take! XD I guess I just work best with one-release things, like doujinshi. Though I suppose the Suikoden 5 4koma and anthology manga are both several volumes, they're still more like doujinshi than anything else, lol.

Oh really? You thought Nora was the most annoying? I can definitely see how she might be annoying, but she's cute, so I guess her possible annoyingness didn't bother me so much. The first chapter I read of Bolt and Lantern (in a manga magazine) was also, I think, the chapter or the chapter after Nora appeared (the one where Coco climbs the tree) so that may have something to do with it.

Yeah, I don't really care about Code Geass or Gurren Lagann either. But the FMA doujinshi are pretty interesting! And I'd love to get my hands on the Suikoden 3 one. I actually got a compalation FMA doujin by her and it's interesting to see her earlier doujinshi are much more in the sketchy, loose style of Bolt and Lantern and that the later ones begin to more closely resemble her more recent work, like Blood+. I like both her styles, but I've definitely got a soft spot for the sketchier Bolt and Lantern style. =w=

Oh! Asuka Katsura has also drawn Xenosaga doujinshi--or at least an extremely short one in some kind of anthology (which I still haven't determined if it was an official one or not). Something that's quite interesting to me, as a big Xenogears fan. XD

Other people have pointed out the unique way Katsura draws eyes, too, so it's interesting to hear that you find them noticable as well.
Tierkries is pretty decent. I only dislike the lack of actual random battles. Most places are like "Okay gang, let's assemble 5 different groups, and we each fight a battle against like 3 guards that we win in 2 or 3 rounds, then the main character's team full of really strong characters fights the boss and they win in 4 rounds. Yay!"

Sort of a bummer. I liked when you'd just fight legions of useless soldiers like in Suikoden 1 & 2.
Haha! I think there's a fair amount of random monster battles, but yeah, I guess I can see what you mean about the group thing. I quite like the group method though, since it actually gives you a practical method of leveling up all 108 characters! As opposed to taking them all out into the field...

I wish the enemies levels went up along with the characters though. Fighting weak enemies is so boring. >3<

Haha! Your mention of fighting soldiers gave me a total flashback. Damn, I love those games! <3

One thing I'm a little puzzled about... why is there room for six characters, but you're only allowed four? Am I missing something here? Has Suikoden just downgraded on the number of members you can have in your party? (Bit of a pity when you've got 108 to choose from...)

What do you think of the new weapon and rune system? I like being able to change weapons (seeing how it affects characters visually is fun, too) but I find the rune system to be a little boring. Like, there seem to be a lot of repeat attacks--not so many unique ones.
Runes are boring and pretty much unimaginative. There's maybe 15-20 "moves" in total and they're shared amongst all the characters, nobody is unique in that regard. Switching weapons is a nice way to "customize" your character. Also, you can only have 4 characters.

Eventually the game gets to a point where like... you're CONSTANTLY defending or besieging stuff and you're just like "Where'd all the random battles and map exploring go?" overall it's a good game, but it lacks a few bits of charm from the original Suikoden titles. If they make a "sequel" I hope they draw a bit more from some of the pre-existing staples of the Suikoden series.
Mmh, yeah, I can see what you mean about ST lacking some of the elements of the original game. But they changed a lot, quite remarkable for a Suikoden game, and I think it's definitely a success.

Actually, I think it's got the best graphics out of the entire series. XD (Though I have a soft spot for the old style sprites and stuff.)

I like a lot of the music quite a lot, for one thing. (Though unfortunately the sound quality on my friend's DS is a bit crappy.)

Yeah... pity about the runes, really.
Also, the group attacks--seems like they might overlap too, which makes them a little less exciting and unique.
Group attacks overlap a little, there's not too many of them.

One thing this game was lacking was depth to your castle. It was cool that all your characters would change dialog based off each key event that occurs. So you could learn more about characters just by running around and talking to everyone after every mission. But, there was a HUGE lack of mini-games of any kind.
I like going around talking to people. XD Suikoden 5 was really good that way too, with changing dialogue and stuff.

I enjoyed the fishing minigame in Suikoden 5 and I think it was fun in... Suikoden 2? To be honest, I'm having trouble remembering most of the minigames, lol. Oh, but I did enjoy gambling in Suikoden 1. Is there no gambling in ST, despite there being a gambler? *A* (I quite like that guy. He looks so familar!)

I like the design of the castle in ST, but jeez, it takes me forever to walk around it. XD


Yeah, no gambling despite having a gambler in your castle. He even offers to play games with you via the dialog! Blah.

Most of the characters can be used in combat as fighters or support which is nice, so people aren't ENTIRELY useless.

Re: ST

Yeah! I had him ask me if I wanted to play a game--I was like "YEAH! Sure! ...?" bit of a bummer. Gambling was totally how I made enough money to upgrade everyone's weapons in Sui1, lol.
I've just discovered your site and livejournal and... So many Suikoden things !!!! *o*
I love you *o*
Oh! *A* Th-thank you! I personally prefer the main Ramsus-kun website (www.freewebs.com/ramsus-kun) over this livejournal, but either way you found it, I'm glad you're enjoying all the Suikoden things! XD

I've been crazy busy these past few months, but hopefully in the future I can work on more stuff. X3