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She is selfish; she is kind. ( no one can say she is mine )


 As of now, I've basically typed up most of "Looking at the Same Sky"! It's half translated, and half cleaned and scanslated. Perhaps I can do the rest this weekend, eh? 

 Probably not,  knowing me. I'll get side-tracked instantly. Not that it's exactly side-tracked, when it comes to me and all my projects... they're all on paths, and I'm just meandering happily in the forest. =w= (A dumb metaphor? Ah, well. What can I say?)

 I've also typed up another (somewhat secret, haha) project called "Stars of Fate III". I'm really looking forward to translating it and scanslating it, but haven't found quite the right moment/mood. Ah, I also finished typing upppp "Fragments of Memories" a few weeks ago, minus the extensive artist talks. Which I want to tackle, and I hope I can make some sense of them. :3

 Doing "Looking at the Same Sky" tonight, I was basically able to read off an address in Japanese! I felt so bloody proud! I think this is the first time that's ever happened! I don't know if I got the readings correct, but I was able to type it out right, so I don't think they were too far off.

things I want to do: 
- scan, compile and upload the doodles in my anthropology notebook, for starters
- continue scanslating, translating, cleaning and working on Suikogaiden and the Suikoden 1 Soul Eater novels <3
- Paint the Noein piece and Erika, annnndo get to work on the halloween Suikoden piece (plus numerous art trades and my one comission, which I think is still on)
- don't forget about my homework, lol
- start setting up my new bookshelf <3 <3 <3
- keep reading
- keep practicing 日本語日本語日本語♥
- watch 日本人の知らない日本語 and practice my dictation skillz  (Broooooo!! 兄貴!!*ハッマーの顔* 笑)

- Read Doro he Doro, more Seven Seeds, more R.B. Rose, and finish FMA (!)
- Find time to play more Dragon Quest 9 and many other things <3 (THE BOUNCER)

-  E N J O Y  L I F E

I hope you're all doing well!
 As for dead links, I'm currently slowly going through and editing and re-uploading all my old projects on the main Ramsus-kun website, so that's the best place to look. I'm a slow-ass snail though, so please be patient! <3 (Though a little friendly nudging never hurt, either, lol.)



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