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Oh my Gobborino~! Suikoden 5 doujinshi Laukaz, Final Fantasy 8 doujinshi Dance Dace Dace and chp.1!

 This is quite the huge update... well, no, post. I suppose journal's don't exactly get updated, eh? Well, I have for you no less than three extremely excellent scanslation releases! <3 One is the loverly Suikoden 5 doujinshi "Laukaz", which I didn't hardly do a speck of work on myself (it's true!), two is the mind-defyingly long Final Fantasy 8 doujinshi "Dance Dance Dance" and three is the cheerfully cute and possibly funny first chapter of the Suikoden 5 4Koma Anthology manga. :D For your downloading and reading pleasure;
Series: Suikoden 5
Title: Laukaz
Circle: Check Chec
Artist: こうた Kouta
Type: regular, cute, gag
Pairing: none
Date Published: unknown :<
Pages: 25
Scanned by: Shu Xion, of Suikoden Underground!
Status: Done! Thank you for translating and cleaning it, Ashleigh! <3
size: 7.48 MB
Download: Megaupload, Rapidshare, Media Fire
Summary: Laukaz is a Suikoden 5 doujinshi that takes place after the end of the game. It centers around the Prince's desciosn to stay in Falena--it's a fairly serious story, but there are various gags all throughout the doujinshi, too. :D

Series: Final Fantasy 8
Title: ダンスダンスダンス [Dansu Dansu Dansu] Dance Dance Dance
Circle: Private Brand
Artist: 18 different artists
Type: anthology, regular, gag. shonen-ai
Pairings: Rinoa x Squall, Squall x Zell, Kiros x Laguna, Irvine x Selphie and various others
Date Published: 7/4/99
Status: Done, done, done! I feel like dancing~! XD
Size: 32.98MB ('cause it's such a loong doujinshi)
Download: Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire
Summary: Dance Dance Dance is an extremely long Final Fantasy 8 anthology doujinshi. More than 18 different artists drew their own chapters, so there's something in this doujinshi for nearly any FF8 fan! The art varies from cute to terrible to detailed, and there are more shonen-ai based stories than you could shake a stick at (mostly Squall x Zell and Kiros x Laguna), but there are quite a few normal pairing stories (Rinoa x Squall, Irvine x Selphie and even one Quistis x Squall). Nearly all the stories are gag, but there are a few halfway serious ones thrown in there, too.

Series: Suikoden 5
Title: Suikoden 5 4Koma Manga {volume 1}
Artists: Kaori Fujita, You Satsuki, Murasakida Suzuka*, Kaori Akatsuki, Kuroi M, Hifumi Kurosawa*, Tsubamemaru Watarizora, Miho Shimazu*, Sakuraguni, Tomomi Mizuna*, Kikuchiyo Anko*, Kuretakaya Kiriga*, Bro Nishizawa*, Ayumi Takawatari, Shin Takanami, and Michi Kiri.
Type: 4Koma manga by some of the artists who worked on the Anthology manga. 4Koma are short, four panel gags--and the Suikoden 5 4Koma series is entirely devoted to 'em. :D
Date Published: 12/13/06
Pages: 106
Scanned by: Shu Xion, of Suikoden Underground!
Status: fullly scanned! Translation ongoing.

[Chapter 1]
Size: 3.15 MB
Download: Megaupload, Rapidshare, Media Fire

 Hee. I changed the journal layout, too! I didn't even know how, 'till just recently. :D These thumbnails are looking more edible by the minute... ... hm! Uhm, yes. I'm really glad I finally finally finally finished scanslating "Dance Dance Dance". I've been working on that huge-ass anthology doujinshi for at least three years, no joke. :3 I'm quite happy that I managed to do all the artist talks too, even if I may've translated them rather shoddily. Laukaz is really worth a read, too--translated and scanslated entirely by Ashleigh, Ramsus-kun's temporary and wonderfully quick translator for the summer. Volunteered quite handily for the Suikogaiden Translation Project---..

 Which, I must say, is off to a fabulous start! I got the Suikogaiden Translation Project Website up a few days ago (I'm pretty proud of the layout too), and a bunch of people have volunteered to help out! *beaming thankful eyes* Plus our fabulous one-man technical fellow Clay has started work on extracting the script, so... someday. Someday we'll be able to begin translating Suikogaiden!! And then comes the patching. Mahaha, which I know nothing about, and hope other people will figure out. XD

 Until then, I'll keep working away at translating the Suikoden 5 Anthology manga, various Suikoden doujinshi, various non-Suikoden doujinshi (what?!), the Xenosaga manga, the Xenogears Anthology comics and Bolt and Lantern. Plus whatever else I happen to pick up along the way. <3 <3 Ah! Speaking of which, I was typing out my rough translations of chapters 4 & 5 of the Sui5 Anth. Manga, and I thought I'd better check to make sure I was spelling Lucretia's name right. So I googled it, and what popped up but this Leilei x Lucretia fanfiction. Rated R for... xxx! Now, I'm no big fan of fanfiction in general, but if it's Stephen x Jack (Master and Commander), Georg x the Prince or... kami-sama forbid, Leilei x Lucretia of all things, I'll read it. Just out of my curiosity, which kills cats among other things. :D And jeez, it was one well written fic! (Ah, and Cius was so cute, smiling knowingly all  the time...) I'm totally in awe, lol. That's how Suikogaiden's translation should come out sounding. (as if) Not full of xxx scenes, you nut! I mean... well written like that. If that's even possible. Well, if it's possible, maybe you could Sing While You Roll, Ramsus-kun.

 Until next time~!
--Queen of all Cosmos

PS. ah, right. No one reads this, but comments (comments, anyone...?) can be left here or in Ramsus-kun's guestbook. :3 Hi ho and away we go! *spins off*




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