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Sep. 13th, 2009


We Sailed Away On A Cold Winter's Day

Here's a new release of the Suikoden 5 4koma manga volume 1, fresh from Ramsus-kun!

[Chapter 3 
Size: 4.44 MB 
Download: MegauploadRapidshareMedia Fire

Oh man, am I starving! *A* Guess I'm gonna go see what I can rummage up... I felt really sick yesterday, but I feel way better now. Not sure what's going on, but I'm happy not to be miserable!

I finally bought all my textbooks! Hurray! I probably spent almost $400 on five books, but I still saved a bunch of money by buying stuff on Ebay and Amazon and what-not. Although I guess we'll see how it works out, since I did buy one book from a possibly questionable seller. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake!

Oh, and Dynast, if you're reading this... ages and ages ago, I asked you about editing this chapter and I believe you were kind enough to agree to it. But I ended up just doing it myself, lol. So if you've still got this chapter on file, feel free to consider it obsolete! :D And I think I also asked you about this before, but just to make sure... you wouldn't have any interest in cleaning/editing future Suikoden 5 4kom scans, would you? (On top of the Suikoden 5 anthology manga scans, sporadic as they are.) I've actually got up to chapter 10 of volume 1 of the 4koma roughly translated... it just takes me an incredible long long time to scanslate 4-koma. *3* Anyway, whaddya think? 

Sep. 8th, 2009


Must... refrain!

 Hot damn. I've got free time and a scanner. (And no access to photoshop at the moment, or I'd be scanslating, lol) I'm totally tempted to scan in more projects! B-but.... I must restrain myself. I've got to finish up old projects before I go starting more new ones! But a small voice persitently whispers that it couldn't hurt to re-scan the things that need rescanning (ie, the Xenogears doujinshi "the Birth" and parts of the Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi SOLDIER), or even to scan things I've completed the rough translation of by hand. Hmmm...

1. Rescan Xenogears doujinshi "The Birth"
2. Rescan parts of Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi "SOLDIER"
3. Anything  else need rescanning? (Probably)
4. New! *A* doujinshi I wanna scan (some day, anyway): 
 * Suikoden 5 - A Cappella [Act 2 & 3] by Paper Moon
 * Suikoden 1 & 3 - The Two Seas by Paper Moon (rough translation started)
 * Fullmetal Alchemist - Touch by Cinnamon (rough translation started)
 * Suikoden 5 - Graze by Kagami (rough translation complete! lots of question marks though, lol)
 * Suikoden 5 - Sweet Words(?) by AA & Kagami (rough translation started!)
 * Eyeshield 21 - Ishimaru 30 by various artists
 * Fullmetal Alchemist - Echo by Meatlheart (this one is SO bizarre... as weird as "Crazy Love and Special Sauce"...)
 * Suikoden 5 - Karakuru by Paper Moon 
 * Suikoden 1 & 2 - 花震 ("Flower Shake"?) by Paper Moon
 * Fullmetal Alchemist - Fushiawase no Rabu Reta? = "Bad Luck Love Letter?" or it could be "Unhappy/Unfortunate Love Letter?"
 * Howl's Moving Castle - Rainy Back Alley, Sunny Fireplace by Unknown Zone
 * Suikoden 1 - Yameawase by Paper Moon (an old book, but Sonya shows up! <3)
 * Suikoden 1 - "Waiting for Evening"? by Paper Moon
 * Suikoden 4 - Everybody's Ship by 2D Corps
 * Suikoden 4 - To an Azure Sea! by 2D Corps
 * Bleach - Summer Vacation by Kaguya (Rukiya and Ichigo! -u-)
 * Final Fantasy 7 - Ryusei no Hito by ANE ("Shooting Star People", perhaps)

Ah... Paper Moon's art is so lovely! <3 It's not perfect, but I really like it. And they've got such good taste! Sweet Ted and McDohl stories and interesting Suikoden 5 stories. The A Cappella series is all about Kyle, but Karakuru takes an interesting look at the Prince when he was living in the Falena castle. An Arshtat with her hair down even shows up, heheh! 

I really like that last doujinshi, the FInal Fantasy 7 one, "Ryusei no Hito". I find its wobbly cute art to be quite endearing, and the story is really sweet. Unfortunately, the words are printed rather badly, so I don't know how much I'll be able to read (correctly). :3 I'll do my best, though!

Well, there's my list. I was able to avoid giving into my urge to actually scan any of them! Hurray! My other projects may actually see the light of day. If being released out onto the internet can be refered to as such. Heheh! I think I'll go enjoy playing Final Fantasy Tactics! Or, hell, maybe even do some more translating. 

Sep. 4th, 2009


Bolt and Lantern c1-4

 Uwaah! I did it! I bought that Doc x Fei Xenogears doujinshi off Ebay! *doki doki doki* It's, according to the description, "comedy, all characters and comedy Citan x Fei". Sounds about right to me! The only Doc x Fei doujinshi I've ever read was this erghhhgjablegh shota one, but I'm sure(?) this one will be better! It could hardly be worse. :D Okay! Now I've got to focus on hunting down my textbooks for this quarter for cheap! 

Oh, and in case anyone hasn't visited the main Ramsus-kun website lately, here are the most recent releases:

coverTitle: 螺子とランタン [Neji to Rantan] Bolt and Lantern 
Author: 明日香 Asuka Katsura 
(Homepage: http://www.lungpeng.com/asuka/) 
Volumes: 1 (one-shot) 
Date Published: 8/14/98 
Status: chapters 1-5 of 6 have been translated, scanslating in progress. :D 

Summary: Nineteenth century England... After her parents pass away, ten year old Coco inherits the title of "marquise" and the expectations that go along with it. Nidell, a young tutor, is hired to teach Coco, but quickly finds himself facing a past he's tried to hide. 

Chapter 1 
Size: 12.58MB 
Download: RapidshareMediafire 

Chapter 2 
Size: 9.24MB 
Download: RapidshareMegauploadMediafire 

Chapter 3 
Size: 10.32MB 
Download: RapidshareMegauploadMediafire 

Chapter 4 
Size: 10.12MB 
Download: RapidshareMegauploadMediafire

I posted chapter 1 here too, even though it's an old old release. Just for anybody stumbling on this excellent series for the first time. :3

Aug. 16th, 2009



Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Photoshop stopped workinggggggggg! *sob* I was all excited to get to work on scanslating chapter 4 of Bolt and Lantern! I've got all this time and I can't use Photoshop?! This is awful! OTL Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... what am I gonna do?! I want to work on projects!! TT___TT

Mrgh... guess I'll just have to work on projects that don't require photoshop. Maybe Suikogaiden or my translation of the Suikoden 5 anthology/4koma manga... (Dynast, have you got photoshop working on your computer yet?) Sighhhhhhh... I'm totally depressed by this. Guhhh... right, right, I'll just use this chance to work on other projects! Gotta look on the bright side!

Jul. 22nd, 2009


(no subject)

Wooooww... it's been so long since I've been able to use the computer! Adding art to my DA, working on translations, scanslations, pictures, working on Suikogaiden... there're  a million things I wanna do! <3

I got a bit sunburned today, heheh. <3
Also, I started a new game of Suikoden 1! The first time I've played it in years--I'm oozing nostalgia in every direction! XD

Aw, there's no "burnt" mood...

Jul. 13th, 2009


Suikoden 3 doujinshi Big Brother (LIFE MUST GO ON)

Well! If you guessed the Suikoden 3 doujinshi "Big Brother" then... *drumroll* you are CORRECT!

cover  Series: Suikoden 3
Title: (’兄’) (Ani) Big Brother
Circle: 未開発るーと2 Mikaihatsuru to 2
Artist: 花路あゆむ Ayumu Hanaji
Type: gag, normal
Pairing: none
Date Published: 5/3/04
Pages: 26
Status: done!
Download: Rapidshare, Media Fire

Summary: Half the doujinshi contains gags about Albert and Caesar and what happens when Luc looses a member of his team in Budhec Castle. The other half is about the ghosts of McDohl's past... and a certain creature who can see them?!

Hah. Here it is. It did end up taking all day. Damn, I shouldn't have waited to take a shower until I was done... ugh. Who takes showers at 1am anyway? "orz Beh. Oh well.

Man, I really like this song by Yann Tiersen. I've been listening to it like non-stop.
Hmm. Was there something else I wanted to say? Eh... enjoy, I guess!

Oh yeah! It was that I happened to re-read my scanslation of Yoru no Tsubasa, 'cause I had to check to see what this releases's number was (57! My favorite number). It really is a fine doujinshi. I really admire Cinnamon's skill... and I think my translation came out pretty damn nice too, heheh. (Oh no, my ego is growing larger! Time to work even harder, lol)

Gotta get up early tomorrow. Three day weekends are lovely things.

Cross-posted in suikoden_yaoi  and of course on my website, Ramsus-kun.

Jul. 12th, 2009


Oh, It's Hard To Do What You Know Is Right

Projects I've started and it feels like I could finish up if I were to put a few more hours/all day into them:

 Final Fantasy 12 doujinshi - Beyond the Sky (couldn't finish this but could some make good progress, lol)
 Final Fantasy 9 doujinshi - Never Failing
 Suikoden 5 Anthology Manga Vol.2, chp1 (and 2 probably)
 Suikoden 5 doujinshi - Ara Rangi
 Suikoden 3 doujinshi - Big Brother
 Suikoden 2 doujinshi - Fragments of Memories (same as Beyond the Sky)

Haha! I wonder which it'll be?! Will we see one of these projects released into the light of day soon?! There're so many projects I'm interested in working on, but I've been having trouble focusing on them recently. If I hit any sort of bump, off I shoot to another project. *shakes head sadly* Well, what can I say? Looks like my short period of being focused on a couple projects has reached it's end. An early death.

I'm really looking forward to those Georg x Ouji doujinshi too! *nudge nudge, hint hint* XD
I guess I should work on finishing up other projects first though, anyway. (what a laugh)


Jul. 9th, 2009


Who Know's What Tomorrow Will Bring? (Maybe the Sun Will Shine, Maybe the Rain Will Sing...)

Hoho! I sat down and typed up the rest of chapter 1 of the Suikoden 5 Anthology manga, volume 2! <3 I got a good headstart on chapter 2, too. :3 The first chapter was pretty wordy, but I understood the gist of it--looks funny and well drawn, though it may be rather hard to translate. Chapter 2 has been much easier to type up so far--it's the return of an artist from volume 1, though their name escapes me at the moment.

Anyway, Dynast, just to let you know I am working on the Suikogaiden Anthology manga, albeit rather slowly. :3 (Hope you're having fun in Australia...?)

I'm going to go play some videogames! <3 Continue my game + of Breath of Fire 5 <3 or keep training in Dragon Quest 8 and try to beat the final boss again...? Ahh, so many choices available!

Jun. 30th, 2009


(no subject)

I LOVE SUMMER! The weather's beautiful, and I've started my part time job again, which is really fun. But most of all, I have enough time! I've been out of school for two weeks or so (is that all?) and... I'm actually reading a scanslation. Me! I started reading a scanslation. I was able to push my own projects out of my mind and just concentrate on reading manga on the computer. I-I haven't done this in so long...! I mean, I've read doujinshi occasionally (in both raw and scanslated form) and I've been staying up to date on Fullmetal Alchemist, but aside from that, I haven't read anything on the computer. So this is a big deal! I'm reading through volume 1 of "Boyfriend", a shojo manga by Soryo Fuyumi, author of Mars and ES. Also that crappy ass Caeser thing, lol. Mars has been one of my longtime favorite shojo series, so I'm always glad to see something by Soryo Fuyumi. :3 "Boyfriend" seems to be an older wok of hers, judging by the art style. It's a nice change though, like reading Swan or Blackjack.

Anyhow, I downloaded "Boyfriend" 'cause it caught my eye at Storm in Heaven. I went there--well, I don't remember why I went there initially, actually... in any case, I wound up deciding to re-download all of 7Seeds and read it with a passion!! I love Basara; it's definitely my all time favorite shojo manga. In the whole world! *tee-hee* I also liked Chicago, which was a collection of short stories by Yumi Tamura. I read some of 7Seeds way back when, when I was an avid scanslation reader. Those much-mentioned days, eh? 

This is a lot of fun.  I suppose it means I may not be dedicating quite as much time to my translation projects, but I've still got the rest of the summer and it looks like next quarter isn't going to be too strenuous, compared to the past.

I've had more time to play videogames and hang out with my friends as well. I'm at the end of Dragon Quest 8! I've gone off to train though, at this hidden Slime valley place (hurray for metal king slimes!!), as I had difficulty beating the final boss. Another tidbit I want to throw in here is that I really noticed the quality of "Boyfriend". I mean, the manner in which it was scanslated. Everything's really perfected and all. I don't place a whole lot of importance on quality, at least not to the extent that they do at SiH, but... reading such a high quality release was refreshing. Is refreshing. I guess I wasn't able to totally forget about my own scanslations, huh? XD Well, it can't be helped. I want to become a professional translator, after all!

So, back to reading I go! <3
This is a good start for a good summer!!

Jun. 21st, 2009



Well, I made it to page 55/75 before I got distracted! Not bad for a day's work, I say. :D

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