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"You don't like my theory", said Holmes, "because it's my theory."

:3 I'm really looking forward to trying to translate the Suikoden 1 Soul Eater novels by Shinjirou Hori. 

At some point, I'd like to turn it into a full-fledged scanslation project (if such a term is applicable), if things are going well and so on. (I've got an idle dream of posting the translation looking like an actual book. It'd probably have to be done through PDF's, which might be a pain. Who knows?) In terms of computer time Suikogaiden takes priority. Even I'm not going to start two massive translation projects at once. While swamped in school work. Probably. XD But it's really just a personal project of mine, something I really want to try out on my own and see how well I can do. Hm, so exciting to think about it! Translating McDohl's story from a different (and one would assume more detailed) perspective... Ted, Gremio, Teo, Cleo, Pahn, Odessa, Mathiu, Windy and Barbarossa... the whole lot of them! I only wish I could've began the project right after I played through Suikoden 1 again recently, when all the details and questions and things were fresh in my memory. Ah, well, I'll just make do. :3

I've been reading this book called "Becoming a Translator" by one Douglas Robinson. It's really interesting and it's a lot of fun to read about translating as a profession and how clients view translations and the process of translating versus how translators themselves view it. It's weird 'cause I can view it from both perspectives, since I read a lot of translated material (manga and videogames, to say the least) and as an amateur practicing translator. This book keeps reinforcing my desire to become a professional translator! x3000! (Not that it really needed reinforcing...)

I'm reading the next Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell book, too! An exciting treat on the way home. I'd like to draw a fanart of Russell, Holmes, Mohammed and Ali! I researched clothes a bit today, so maybe I can pull it off. Dunno if I can get Holmes right, but he's all disguised anyway. 

Well, I'll keep ganbatte-ing on!