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"However, in my culture my cousin's cousin is my cousin too."


Are these guys serious? How can anyone vote for Final Fantasy 10 over Chrono Cross?! Chrono Cross rocked. Great music, interesting characters, good plot, nice graphics (well, I suppose that could be argued, but I like them).  And what did FF10 have? Disappointment. Tidus and Yuna's dubs were godawful. They may even be the source of my discontent for the whole thing. Story was... meh.

Come on guys.
Grow some eyeballs!


Perhaps during 2000 it was more of a competition between the games of that year for who would be on top than in 2001. Now I'm curious as to who the contenders were of those two years.

I played through FFX for Braska/Auron/Jecht :) They so need their own game. Auron was the character to have on the team.
Final Fantasy fans are ridiculous. Most people STILL haven't played Chrono Trigger.

As for Chrono Cross, it was a good game, but inherently flawed in terms of it's difficulty and/or length. It was a good game overall, but I think all the legalities involving Toriyama's characters and designs prevented the game from being the best it could be. They pussyfooted too much around the issue that the game was related to Chrono Trigger.
Auron rocked. I can't say I care the least bit about either Braska or Jecht though, lol. XD Seeing a game about them might be interesting though... without any reference to Tidus or anything, that is.

"Now I'm curious as to who the contenders were of those two years."
The contenders for the polls that lead up to this one?
"They pussyfooted too much around the issue that the game was related to Chrono Trigger."

Rather like the whole Xenogears/Xenosaga situation... sigh. It didn't bother me in Chrono Cross, but Xenosaga's screw-ups still get to me. It could've been such a good series! It had such potential! *sigh*

Oh? You thought Chrono Cross was too long? And too difficult? (Or too easy?) That's interesting...
I'm guessing I'm reading the poll wrong because I thought the poll was just showing the best games of each year so far, not which was the best out of the best from the past ten years. I wouldn't vote in it anyways because I've not actually played any of the other games listed there but for FFX which makes me very biased :)

Auron was the best character. His back story with Braska and Jecht was at times more interesting to watch compared to some of the events in the game. Tidus was okay at times but when he started to whine and Yuna's voice just annoyed the crap out of me.

My question is where are the Legacy of Kain games and Suikoden games in that poll that came out in the past 10 years? They deserve recognition.
Yeah, I don't really know where these options were drawn from either. It's not like it's a comprehensive list or anything... well, whatever.

I'm a Final Fantasy fan, but X definitely should not even be on the list of games that are good, unless it's being judged purely on graphic/visual standards.

Chrono Cross was great, definitely better than Final Fantasy X by FAR (again, I regret even wasting my time on X)... but if Chrono Trigger was on that list, it wouldn't be a question of what I'd be voting for.
I played Chrono Cross before I played Chrono Trigger, so I think I have more of a soft spot for it. Chrono Trigger is good too, but I don't place it in the same category a lot of people do--I probably would if I had played it first though, lol.

Even FF10's graphics... the cutscenes were impressive, especially when it first came out, but the in-game graphics weren't all that great. And the controls were kinda shoddy too.
That's understandable then, if you've played Chrono Cross first, and it's definitely a great game overall.
And what did FF10 have? Disappointment. Tidus and Yuna's dubs were godawful.

Don't forget that godawful laughing scene, it still makes me cringe just thinking about it.
And.... "Sometimes you just have to scream!"
XO======== (<--barfing face)
Chrono Cross never gets any love. It makes me sad.
It gets love sometimes. From people like us, lol! But yeah, it's definitely one of those games that could easily do with a bit more lovin'.