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"However, in my culture my cousin's cousin is my cousin too."


Are these guys serious? How can anyone vote for Final Fantasy 10 over Chrono Cross?! Chrono Cross rocked. Great music, interesting characters, good plot, nice graphics (well, I suppose that could be argued, but I like them).  And what did FF10 have? Disappointment. Tidus and Yuna's dubs were godawful. They may even be the source of my discontent for the whole thing. Story was... meh.

Come on guys.
Grow some eyeballs!


"They pussyfooted too much around the issue that the game was related to Chrono Trigger."

Rather like the whole Xenogears/Xenosaga situation... sigh. It didn't bother me in Chrono Cross, but Xenosaga's screw-ups still get to me. It could've been such a good series! It had such potential! *sigh*

Oh? You thought Chrono Cross was too long? And too difficult? (Or too easy?) That's interesting...