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"There are no auspicious days here." (--Vorkosigan)

Haha!! Man, life is great!! I'm so goddamn lucky, I can hardly believe it! <3 <3 <3

I'm reading Shards of Honor by Bujold! I love her!! It's so cool to have familiar faces show up--Illyan, Koudelka, Bothari (<3) and off course Cordelia Naismith and Aral Vorkosigan! XD It's so weird to have Illyan be young! Young, of all things... doesn't match my image of him! But that's what I get for reading the books somewhat outta order, haha.

Man, I'm so happy!! 
I've got an essay to write, and lots of translation projects to work on! Suikogaiden, BOF3 Forest of Bones, FFT Water Game, the Suikoden 1 novels, Bolt and Lantern... and about a thousand other things! 

I visited two old teachers of mine today. It was so great to see them!! I love these guys! I'm so glad I've got so many kind people around me... (sounds cheesy as all hell, but it's the damn truth and nothing but the truth! *boxer stance*)

Oho! I got a release to share with you guys, too! A tiny-ass one, but it's something!

cover Series: Suikoden 5
Title: Suikoden 5 4Koma Manga {volume 1}
Artists: Kaori Fujita, You Satsuki, Murasakida Suzuka*, Kaori Akatsuki, Kuroi M, Hifumi Kurosawa*, Tsubamemaru Watarizora, Miho Shimazu*, Sakuraguni, Tomomi Mizuna*, Kikuchiyo Anko*, Kuretakaya Kiriga*, Bro Nishizawa*, Ayumi Takawatari, Shin Takanami, and Michi Kiri.
Type: 4Koma manga by some of the artists who worked on the Anthology manga. 4Koma are short, four panel gags--and the Suikoden 5 4Koma series is entirely devoted to 'em. :D
Date Published: 12/13/06
Pages: 106
Scanned by: Shu Xion
Status: fullly scanned! Translation ongoing.

[Chapter 4
Size: 1.57 MB
Download: Megaupload, Rapidshare, Media Fire

Hoho! OKAY! I'm gonna see if I can get that essay started, while also cleaning up Water Game / Forest of Bone's scans & translations... I hope I can finish up even more projects in the days to come!! 

Heehee!! I'm so haaappy~! *boogies off*

[Edit: odd, not sure why the text isn't around the image correctly... sorry about that~...]
ALSO! I can't remember exactly who I gave the raws of future chapters of the 4koma  to to clean... I tried to pass them off to people more than once, haha... so if anybody's got them cleaned, could you drop me a line? :D 


I have them! But I haven't gotten around to cleaning them yet, do you want me to do so?
If it's not a problem for you, yes! Definitely! Please, go ahead! XD Do your usual awesome, astounding job! <3

I think I'll be the one to add the text for the next chapter of the 4koma... I've found for 4koma, at least, it actually takes me longer to type up the text in a text document than to add it to the scanslation itself. "orz (What does that mean?!)

ALSO! I'm really hoping to at the very least finish my translation of chapter 1 of volume 2 of the Suikoden 5 Anthology manga, hopefully over my upcoming break, with any luck... (Since I've had the Japanese typed up for what feels like a thousand years. I had actually forgotten I'd finished typing it up. What.)

Thanks for always being there for me, Dynast! I really appreciate it! *sunny beam*
No problem! It may take me some time to get the scans cleaned though- I'll do the best. :)
Oh, and orz= someone on their knees and banging their head on the ground. :|b
ALSO because I keep running into these things while I'm doing them, do you want me to resize them before sending them to you? Or should I send you the huge versions?
Since I'm spamming anyway.

Progress report: 2 pages left before the end of the first chapter. Do you want me to send you the first chapter and work on the second, or send both to you at one go?

Oh! Wow! Jeez, sorry my reply is rather late... *A* A deluge of comments from the Dynast! <3 Okay, in order...


2. ahahaha, I wasn't asking what orz means, I was asking what it means that it takes me less time to add text to a scanslation than it does to type up the translation.

3. The larger scans are fine. (Resized is fine, too, if you already went ahead and did it or something.)

4. Woohoo! You go, Dynast! Why don't you go ahead and send me the chapters are you finish them? <3 Thanks a million~!

(And just to double-check, we're still talking about the 4koma manga here, not the anthology manga?)