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24 and blooming, like the fields of May


 Today is a fine day! A fine day for homework and perhaps... translating too! >:D 

 ........Hmm!! There're so many projects I could be working on! Which to choose? 
FF9 - Never Falling
 just needs to be cropped a bit, and have the translation added. Nearly done, in terms of things.

GITS - Number 09 & LOTR - Mellon
 Both of these are well scanned and wouldn't take but a minute (or two hours, haha) to get nice and properly cropped and such, on their way to stardom.

1,000 other doujinshi, Suikoden and Xenogears, Sui5 Anthology and 4koma manga in particular... whoo! What to do?!

 Making good progress! Want to keep go go go go goiing!!!

Alright! Suikogaiden it is!! Let's see how much more of this project I can translate! YAHOOOOO!
(<--I'm not that Swiss fellow from Thunderbird, lol)


Yeah! Suikogaiden! I am still so damn excited about this! You'll be the hero of the Suikoden fanbase for sure. :)
Haha! A hero! Oh, boy...! XD
Thanks! I'm glad to hear you're interested. We're still working away on it! Things are going well! <3